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A Sweet Surprise Reunion

Cardinal homecomingYa’ll know I am crazy about the St. Louis Cardinals and how I love our military families.  My family has quite a history of service in the U. S. military, all branches represented except the Coast Guard, including my husband and our oldest son.

I was blessed by and honored to spend a few moments with some military women yesterday.  When I returned home, I was blessed by another heartwarming story last night.  I found out my favorite ball team with my favorite pitcher starting had started the game with a military wife and her children throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.  Boy did she get a sweet surprise.  A reunion with her man.   They went on the beat the Cubbies.  Extra sweetness 🙂

I know we see these stories quite often these days but they always make me cry.

Leslie Rightnowar’s ceremonial first pitch wasn’t exactly in the strike zone, but what happened afterwards was the biggest of home runs.  Leslie’s husband, Sr. Chief Dawan Rightnowar, a 23 year Navy veteran has been deployed to Pakistan for 7 months.With their eldest son gone on his first Naval deployment, and Leslie at home with their younger 2 children, the Rightnowars deserved a little something special. So given a brief leave, Dawan decided to surprise his family at a Cardinals game. We think it’s safe to say that the pictures speak for themselves.

I am always thankful for any positive awareness brought to our courageous soldiers and their families.  They willingly pay a high price for you and I’s freedoms.  Most Americans have no idea just how priceless of a gift our military and veterans give/have given us.  Freedom is free.



Role Models and Opening Day :)


I am so excited, today is officially the opening day of the 2014 season for the St. Louis Cardinals.  To top the day off, my favorite Cardinal, pitcher Adam Wainwright gets the start.

I love Adam for the fierce competitor that he is, his work ethic is amazing.  He is one of the leaders of the Cardinal Clubhouse.  I love to watch Adam pitch and strike batters out and swing his bat in awesome offence.🙂

But my favorite things about Adam are off the field.  Adam is a great husband and father to his little girls.  He and his family are very generous with their time, talents and the money God has blessed them with, from feeding the hungry in the communities/states they live, to helping obtain fresh and clean water that is safe to use in third world countries to the orphanage they are a part of building in Haiti.  Check out his charity’s website: http://www.wainosworld.com

My favorite attribute about Adam though is his heart that has been transformed by a personal friendship with Jesus Christ.  It is why he does what does and is who he is.  He is a life that has been transformed by a relationship with the Living God.  I love how vibrant Adam is about his sharing his faith.  Adam’s number one priority is his relationship with his Savior, his family, then his passion for baseball.

Adam is only one of numerous St. Louis Cardinal players, coaches and organizational leadership who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You can see the difference this makes in their team mentality, the mentor ship of young players from older ones, the closeness this clubhouse shares as well as their involvement in giving back to their community and humanity as a whole.

Our middle son and I are started following the Cardinals when one of our favorite players was traded to them.  Since then we have fallen in love with St. Louis and it’s deep roots and love for baseball and it’s history.  

We also appreciate the strong men of faith on the team and in their organization.  A cool book our son and I read entitled “Intentional Walk, The Faith That Drives The Saint Louis Cardinals”  It was a very good read.  (Available on Kindle.) 

In a world were so many athletes and celebrities are the last ones you want your children to look up to, we appreciate have men of substance and value who continually point the honor and glory to their Heavenly Father.  Men who are humble and gracious.  Men who desire to be a godly example, to be the spiritual leader in their homes and communities.  

Thanks to Adam and the boys for being a godly role models.  We in this home deeply appreciate it.

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