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Budget Saving Tips






Tips for saving $$$

Make a monthly menu plan.  This is huge, make a list of all ingredients needed, check and see what you have in your home already.  Make a list of the items you do need.  It will blow you mind how much this cuts down on the grocery bill
Shop loss leader items
Stock up on sales
Make your own laundry soap and cleaning products (super easy and cheap!!!)
Cook and debone your own chicken breasts in a crock pot.  Add onion, garlic, carrots, celery and whatever herbs you like and make great health stock at the same time
Prepare your own mixes: spices, biscuit/Bisquick, muffins, cookie dough, marinara sauce
Parboil potatoes, peel and shred then freeze for hash browns
Blanch/freeze diced vegetables once a month for economical, fast and healthier options when cooking
Buy meats on last sale date, big savings
Buy cheese in bulk store, grate in food processor and freeze (much cheaper and healthier than buying pre-shredded)
Share a membership to a warehouse store with a friend.  Every membership has two access cards.  Split the cost and reap the savings
Make it a practice to double your recipes and put 1/2 of each in the freezer for another day
Get together with some friends and each of you make a few of the same recipe and then swap them out so everyone takes home a few new dishes to try
Shred zucchini in the summer and fall months, bag and freeze for making breads, muffins and cakes with in the winter and spring.  Do the same for bananas as the start to brown for same purpose
Got picky eaters, cook vegetables and them puree them with the some of the liquid cooked with and pour into ice cube trays. 
Once froze, place in freezer storage bag.  Add to recipes and your loved ones will be none the wiser but will receive the nutritional value
Take chicken broth from cooking chicken in crock pot and place in ice cube trays.  Once froze place in storage bag/container.  You will always have broth at the ready that is health and very low in sodium but high in flavor
Make your own baby food, cook fruits, veggies, meals and desserts.  Puree in blender then freezer in ice cube trays.  Store in plastic bags.  Defrost as needed.  Not only is this a cheaper option, your child is developing a taste for the foods your family eats
Cook big batches of rice and place in containers and freeze.  You can pull it out and thaw before usage.  A great time saver.  DOES NOT WORK WELL FOR PASTA
Precook hamburger with onions, garlic and peppers, then freeze in serving size baggies/containers for quick usage
Grow your own vegetables/herbs either in a garden or in containers
Turn the heat down when not at home or at night
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Use a crock pot, microwave or grill to cook as much as possible
Dry clothes outside on a clothes line whenever weather permits 
Your oven and dryer are your two largest electricity consumers  as far as appliances go

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Boost Your Plants

PeppersOur friend Hugh shared this tonight.  Thought it was a nifty little tip to pass on.  Definitely cannot wait to try this with our plants.

Thanks Hugh.  He is right, this is so cool!!!

1 tsp epsom salt in 4 c warm water….spray on plant and then again 10 days later. Produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium… especially for tomatoes, peppers and roses.

Another Strawberry Planter Idea

How-to-make-strawberry-planters-with-recycled-pallets-step-by-step-DIY-tutorial-instructions-512x396I love the looks of this.  My husband wants strawberries.  I love how this easy this idea is and how it would help decorate the backyard while giving us yummy berries.



Raised Garden Beds

Here is a link to some instructions if you are interested in 25 different garden projects including raised garden beds. Raised Garden beds I think we will look into this at our house.  Will let ya know how it goes 🙂


Sweet Idea For Strawberries

Strawberries in gutteringSweet Idea For Strawberries

This idea is courtesy of http://www.thethriftycouple.com.

What an awesome repurposing idea! Repurpose rain gutters for hanging strawberries (supported by rebar!). Be sure to drill drainage holes in the rain gutter. You can also mount them onto something instead of elevating with rebar.

I told Alex a couple of years ago that I wanted a hanging strawberry idea, but instead we replanted shoots from a friends patch. Ours are in the ground and doing well – this will be the second year with the replanted shoots and we had quite a few strawberries last year and so we are hopeful for many more this year! But I love this idea and may try this in the future!

DIY Compost Bin

We have been wanting to build a compost bin.  I saw this on a blog I follow.  Looks like it would be a doable project for my husband and I.

If we make it our of cedar as recommend, it would last quite a while.  Love it!!!

Check it out….DIY Compost Bin


Concrete Planters

concrete-planters1I found this idea online today.  I love how creative others are.  I can do this with their directions.

Creativity is not my strong suit so I am extra thankful the Lord gave others that gift 🙂  Looks pretty simple.


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